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Dragflow delivered a customized solution for heavy duty tasks

slurry pump HY85/160B with custom cutter head
In 2018 Dragflow has delivered a pump equipped with a special cutter head, able to break down particularly resistant material to a customer in India.
This cutter head, equiped with drills made of hard metal, has been mounted on one Dragflow hydraulic pump HY85/160B, forming a unit that allows to perform excavation work and removal of material in a city zone where they required to use a compact, robust and efficient machine.

Dragflow launches new booster stations

slurry booster station

Sometimes it is necessary to transport the dredged material to a long distance.
In these cases, booster stations are an extremely useful tools to maintain an excellent production even in difficult conditions.
Booster stations are designed and built to operate with high efficient Dragflow pumps and are used to add extra pressure to the pumping system, in order to maintain an optimum production at longer pipeline distances.

DRAGFLOW monitoring system: the eyes of your dredging system

Dredging monitoring system

DRAGFLOW has developed a new monitoring system that allows the real-time controlling of the dredging operation.
This tool has already been tested by some clients and has several advantages. First of all, important data such as balancing, pitch, flow rate, density and depth of the pump can be verified directly on the screen. But it is also possible to easily download the data that is collected from time to time, to have the historical set of results of the pump.

Our large electric slurry pump EL300 is ready for delivery

Dragflow largest Electric slurry pump EL300

The Dragflow EL300 is a hardworking pump, and since its launch, the mining and the sand and gravel sectors appreciate it a lot.  One of the main applications is tailings ponds cleaning.
DRAGFLOW continues to pay close attention to develop products that undertake the most difficult tasks. As a reliable solutions provider, we try to anticipate and satisfy the market needs. We have demonstrated this with the new large hydraulic pumps HY400HC and HY600, and also with this large electric pump, able to succeed where others would abandon the field.

New acid proof pumps from Dragflow

Acid proof pumps
Pumping heavy slurry can be difficult, but what about pumping heavy and acid slurry at once?
In the industry and mining sectors, this combination can lead to many problems. 
To resist extreme environments the equipment needs to be tough and, most of all, perfectly built.
And this - needless to say - starts with the right choice of materials.
That's why we decided to find high quality materials to make our slurry pumps resistants up to ph 1,5.