Three Industries that Use Slurry Pumps

Why Slurry Pumps?
Slurry pumps are centrifugal pumps used to suspend solids in water, creating a mixture referred to as slurry. These industrial water pumps are used by different industries to transport corrosive materials or large amounts of slurry.

The mining industry requires the extraction of a large amount of coal, metals and valuable minerals. The use of slurry pumps allows for a safer, larger extraction amount.

Sand & Gravel
Aggregate refers materials used in construction, which includes sand, gravel and crushed stones. Gathering or mining of these materials are made easy with the use of slurry pumps.

Although sewage does not appear on the surface, it needs to be treated properly to avoid complications Slurry pumps are necessary for proper treatment of sewage.
These industries need to ensure they have quality slurry pumps available to get the job done.