New acid proof pumps from Dragflow

Acid proof pumps
Pumping heavy slurry can be difficult, but what about pumping heavy and acid slurry at once?
In the industry and mining sectors, this combination can lead to many problems. 
To resist extreme environments the equipment needs to be tough and, most of all, perfectly built.
And this - needless to say - starts with the right choice of materials.
That's why we decided to find high quality materials to make our slurry pumps resistants up to ph 1,5.
Now, with out new AP serie, you can have a robust equipment, able to deal slurry with density up to 1,8 and fearless of acid environment!
This important result was achieved thanks to the efforts of our R&D team that decided to choose a high quality material , the stainless steel exsustenitic (CK3MCuN).
The acid proof feature is available on the following pump models
  • EL7,5 - EL7,5S - EL7,5SS
  • El12,5 - El12,5S - El12,5SS
  • EL20 - EL20S - EL20SS
  • EL25S
  • EL35 - EL35S
  • EL354 - EL354S
  • EL60 - EL60S
  • EL606 - EL606S
  • EL604 - El604S - EL604SHH
  • EL1204 - EL1204HH
If you have to deal with harsh environments, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.