Italian technology for coast protection: Dragflow at the AIOM event

coast protection
Coastal erosion phenomena is a constant in many of the sandy areas of the shores. Extreme weather events aggravate the problem.  In fact, in the recent years, beaches have not received the proper attention required to protect them.
We, at Dragflow, have technologies that allow, at low costs, to protect the coasts and prevent most serious consequences. 
During the event "Marine Engineering Research and Applications" of the AIOM (Italian Off-shore & Marine Engineering Asotiation), which will take place in Ancona on October 13 and 14, we will discuss this important topic.
We will explain how by using "bypass" it is possible to move sediments from accumulation areas to erosion areas, protecting the coasts.
Dragflow submersible pumps can be used to safeguard the coast, with limited expending and a reduced visual impact on the landscape.