Tailings Ponds maintenance with hydraulic slurry pump


Project Description
A mine in Argentina is using a Dragflow hydraulic pump model HY85/160 equipped with cutters and water jet-ring system. They extract Gold and Silver from quartz mineral. This is a particular mining site, since the processing of the material takes place in an underground production facility on site.
The problem
The mine needed to maintain the capacity of its tailings ponds. They required a system that allowed them to remove the sedimented materials as soon as possible, using the equipment already available on site.
The solution
We proposed and supplied a Dragflow hydraulic pump HY85/160 attached to the boom of an excavator machine, which could easily moves among the several ponds.
The pump has been equipped with two hydraulic cutters and a jet ring system that allows breaking highly compacted material. With this configuration, the pump can start working even with a limited amount of water.
We also provided training in operation and maintenance of the Dragflow equipment to the personnel of the mine.