Tailing ponds


Working context
Oil Sand - Tailing pond dredging - The standard industry practice is to pump oil sands tailings into large settling ponds. There, the heaviest material settles to the bottom, separating from the top layer of water which can be recycled.
The problem
Oil sands tailings are a mixture of water, clay, sand and residual hydrocarbons produced during the mine extraction process. The middle layer of the pond, known as mature fine tailings (MFT), could take centuries to solidify.As mining operations expands it is necessary to build more and larger settling ponds. Finding a way to get out from the pond the MFT and quickly transform into a soil-like deposit suitable for reclaiming is critical to improving overall reclamation performance.
Our Solution

  • Equipments: Dragflow Dredger DRH400E23DF
  • Pump model: Dragflow HY400 – Max Power 400 HP – Outlet 12in or 14in
  • Cutters model: n°2 Dragflow EXHY35 – Max Power 35 HP/unit – Max Torque 507 Nm
  • Diesel Motor: CAT C18 – Setting 470 kW (630 HP)
  • Built-in fuel tank for extreem high cpaapcity
  • Comfortable operator cabin and sound proof attention
  • Dredge is equipped with an improved version of Dragflow HY400 that includes a special sealing system to resist to the agressive environement. Dragflow Dredge also permit a working depth up to 20m keeping the overall dimensions of the hulls as small as 12x8m.