Pumping inerts

Working Context description 
In northern Spain the high speed railway system is developing fast. Due to the conformation of the ground the project involves the construction of bridges and tunnels. Material extracted during tunnel excavation is recovered in treatment plant to be further processed.  
The problem
The main problem in this application was the very high specific weight of the mixture to be pumped. Solid concentration was up to 70%. and it was essential to mix the solid with surface water before and during pumping operations.  
Our solution 
Dragflow solution has been the design of a specific equipment based on an electric pump EL7,5SS with 9 kW of power, able to carry up to 70% of solid concentration, coupled with 2 hydraulic cutters EXHY20.  Cutters were driven by the hydraulic power-pack of a small excavator already present on site. A tailor made solution for a very particular application.