Pier extension project


Project Description
Lapa City sea port - pier extension project.
The foundation layout is composed by 90 drilled piles, 25m long - 100cm external diameter, which have been drilled 15-meter deep into the seabed.
Before injecting concrete, the construction company needed to remove the remaining sludge (sand with organic material) inside the tubes.
The Problem
The customer started the project removing mechanically the material inside the drilled piles.
The cleaning operation was taking one day and a half for each pile and that was delaying the project schedule.
The client was looking for a solution to speed up this cleaning process.
Our Solution
The customer after consulting Dragflow Brazilian distributor purchased a EL12,5SS pump to dredge out the material from the piles.
The Dragflow pump was equipped with a high pressure jet-ring system (7 bar pressure) fed by an external water pump.
The direction of the water jets of the ring were alternate vertical and 45° degree to clean up efficiently also the sludge stacked on the pile walls.
Injecting water inside the tube was also necessary to replace the water removed by the EL12,5SS and to keep high the water level inside the tube allowing in this way the use of a small dredging pump working with a low TDH.
The result has been a success as using the EL12,5SS the customer has been able to remove the solids inside each pile in just 25 minutes.