Pickling process at steel plant

The problem
Dragflow has been supplying, for many years, slurry pumps to the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Ghent, Belgium. There, they have to deal with the management of oxides coming from the pickling process.  This material is very heavy, extremely abrasive, and must be collected and separated from water before being reused.
The solution 
Currently, sixteen Dragflow pumps model EL7.5 are running in two different steps of the process: the first twelve pumps lift the material from six tanks, where the water mixture from the pickling process is being collected, and send it to a smaller thank where the water is partially removed. Here, the remaining four pumps move the mixture with extremely high concentration of solids by weight (up to 70%).
All the pumps are equipped with temperature control sensors and a dedicated discharge adapter fixed to the existing piping system.
Thanks to their strong construction and the abrasion-resistance alloys used in their fabrication, the service life of these Dragflow pumps is longer than the service life of any other pump ever been used in this plant.