Moving Sand in A Water Treatment Plant


Project Description
At the Water Treatment Station of Torrelaguna in Madrid they required to repair the 25 rapid sand filter tanks where the silica sand used to filter the water is located. Removing that sand manually is a long, expensive and tedious job
Our solution
After analyzing the problem, we proposed to install a Dragflow dredge submersible pump, which is ideal for pumping fluids with high solids concentration. The selected pump was a DRAGFLOW model EL7.5SS, which is part of our Super Heavy-Duty series, capable of pumping mixture densities of up to 1800 kg/m3. This pump comes complete with a double mechanical seal arrangement and a top discharge that allow the pump to operate in very shallow areas, using the same pumped fluid to cool the electric motor.
One month after the delivery of the pump, the customer is highly satisfied, since he can pump the silica sand in half the time it would have taken him to do it manually, and at a lower cost. The operators are also very satisfied, since the work went from being very tedious and hard to simple and fast.