Mine tailings reclamation with amphibious dredge

The customer is an important mining company in the North of Chile. The machine is working in multiple tailings ponds of an old iodine mine in the Atacama Desert.
The client requirement was very challenging: to have a machine capable of pumping back, for reprocessing, the old tailings discharged in these ponds for decades; and, in addition, to have a single equipment capable to move itself among the ponds where the water depth does not allow the use of an "standard" amphibious excavator.
Since the water level in these ponds is highly variable, the costumer decided to purchase an Amphibious Dredge to work easily on any condition, even when the water level is very low.
Our solution:
The DRM85/160E22 is equipped with two lateral tracked floaters that can work on land like a standard excavator. On the other hand, the additional central floater gives the amphibious enough buoyancy to work on water with the stability of standard DRAGFLOW dredges.
This machine can work in halfway conditions like mud, sand and soft terrains, shallow waters and swamps.
The new DRAGFLOW Amphibious Dredge is not just an excavator machine able to work also on the water. It is a perfect floating dredge suitable for working on any type of terrain.
The extreme mobility in any kind of wetland and the full buoyancy, allow this Amphibious dredge to reach the most remote locations.
This machine have been equipped with:
- Diesel engine (260 kW) running the hydraulic power pack
- Dredging unit composed by DRAGFLOW pump HY85/160 plus two cutters EXHY20
- Jet Ring System with high-pressure water jets helping the pump in the driest dredging conditions