Lake dredging with a DRSP dredge

The customer had to intervene in an approximately 5 meters depth basin which, in turn, serves a hydroelectric basin. In this pond, the regular maintenance for sediments removal must be carried out using a flexible machine that can move easily among the different areas, even with very shallow depths. Environmental restrictions in the basin are very strong.
Dragflow supplied a new amphibious dredge, capable of performing operations in shallow waters.
The DRSP MULTIPURPOSE amphibious dredger with its great mobility and low-draft, and can operate in places in which a common dredge could not be used.
Thanks to its versatility and the possibility of mounting other accessories such as bucket or rake, can be used for different dredging settings.
This version of DRSP is based on an 690V Siemens electric motor and the hydraulic system is using biodegradable oil because of the high environmental restrictions of the project. The working arm has a wide swing angle thanks to the high stability of the dredge, enhanced by two rear spuds and two lateral stabilizers.
This DRSP is equipped with a hydraulic pump model HY85/160 including a DTM dredging cutter head. It is able to achieve a long discharge distance and a high disintegration capacity thanks to the dredging head.