Gold extraction in Guyana


The customer, who have his own barge, was looking for a complete dredging package to be installed on it, capable of extracting heavy material: a mixture of silt, sand and gravel up to 60mm diameter, with an average density of 1.3 ton/m3 of mixture, and a working depth up to 50m.
Our solution:
We supplied a complete dredging package, composed of one Hydraulic Power Pack DP085/160E22 with control panel, One Hydraulic Pump HY85/160B with pressure compensators for high depth,  two side cutters EXHY20, hydraulic hoist and winches, one hydraulic reel with a 50m Umbilical hydraulic oil hoses line, and a dischage pipeline assembled with sections of rubber dredging hoses, HDPE pipes, and floaters.
We also provided technical assistance for the assembling, start up, and training in the use of the equipment. This solution is now in operation with full customer satisfaction.