Fly ash tailings dredging


Dragflow supplied an electric heavy duty slurry pump with side cutters to a contractor in charge of cleaning up a fly ash tailings pond in a thermal power plant in Chile.

The gases produced by the combustion are released through a chimney where a water injection system sprays water with the addition of lime to prevent contaminants in the smoke from reaching the atmosphere. The final mixture of water with coal and silt is discharged in collection sumps going to a sedimentation pond.
The problem
The settled material becomes very compact after some time and mechanical excavation seemed to be the only way to remove the solids from the pond. The customer was looking for a more efficient method to move these solids out without removing all the water from the pond, stopping in this way the process.
Our solution
DRAGFLOW delivered one electric agitator pump EL60A complete with two electric side cutters EXEL20. The mechanical mixing done by the high chrome agitator, along with the action of the cutters' teeth create a slurry suitable to be removed by the pump.
The project was a great success as the contractor was able to efficiently remove all the compact settled material from the pool and pump it directly into geo-bags.