Fire brigades and Civil emergencies

Austria and China

FIRE FIGHTING AND CIVIL EMERGENCIES - Multi-Purpose Track EMPL is an international company specialized in special vehicles and with a strong division dedicated to fire-fighting trucks. Dragflow and EMPL have developed a special truck for fire brigades suitable to work also in the most difficult situation.
The Concept
Fire brigades vehicle for water recovery and long distance pumping. Suitable for use in incredible harsh condition. Pump solid passage 10mm or 60 mm and ability to pump gravel, sand and mud in very high concentration if needed.

  • Capacity 500 m3/h of water
  • Distance: Water up to 2 km – Mud and Slurry up to 500m
  • Hydraulic crane for water recovery from rives and channel
  • Automatic hoses reels self adaptable to follow pump movements
  • Ability to rivers recover water with truck on bridges
  • Solid Passage: 10mm for water pumping – 60mm for slurry pumping
  • Extra water booster pump for high pressure