Dredging pumps for Suez Canal


DRAGFLOW have supplied 2 High Head Dredging Pumps (HY85B) with 2 cutters (EXHY20) each, to one of the largest contractors working on the Suez Canal area development project. This equipment is successfully working at 44-meter depth.
The project involves the building of the new Ismallyah industrial city, fish farms and 7 new tunnels between Sinai, Ismailia and Port Said; completing the technology valley, improving 5 existing ports, and digging a new canal parallel to the Suez Canal.
The new canal will increase the Suez Canal capacity by allowing ships to sail in both directions at the same time. The project will transfer the canal cities into a globally relevant trading center. It will also build new facilities on the Suez Canal for logistic and ship services.