Dredging for bridge construction


Dragflow supplied an electric dredging pump with side cutters and water jets ring system for a construction project in Tenesse. The customer was looking for an alternative way to excavate the pillars foundation of a bridge: a more efficient and faster method than the standard mechanical excavation with earth moving machines.
Our solution
Dragflow provided a dredging unit composed of one electric submersible dredging pump model EL25S complete with two electric side cutters EXEL20.  This unit works suspended from a crane with a steel cable. 
The work has been done lowering sheet pile walls into the river bed and dredging with the Dragflow unit inside the four sheets, thus removing the material at the bottom.
The mechanical mixing done by the pump agitator, along with the action of the cutters teeth and the high pressure water jets, disaggregated and pumped the compacted material at the botttom, making the required space for the pillar foundations.