Dragflow Cutter head for harbor dredging

Dragflow has delivered a hydraulic dredge unit to an Iranian construction company for a fishery port project near Jask area in the Persian Gulf, South of Iran.
Before finding the Dragflow solution, they were dredging mechanically with a long-reach excavator mounted on-to a barge. Since the operation were too slow, they decided to switch to hydraulic dredging,  attaching a Dragflow pump model HY85/160HC equipped with a DTM85 cutter head to the boom of a CAT345 Excavator.
This equipment  proved to be the ideal solution, with a daily production of about 280m3 of dry material (10-11 hours/day), discharged at 1 km distance from the barge. 
After 4 months using the pump and having dredged 25,000 m3 of sand, the client is highly satisfied with the solution.
Dragflow was the right choice.