Continous Dredging of Ngoura Port

South Africa
Dragflow in Africa: dredging to keep Ngqura harbor efficient.
There is now in South Africa one of the largest submersible hydraulic pumps that Dragflow have ever delivered in the African continent.
After winning a major contract, the maarine civil contractor Southern Oceaneering requested a Dragflow pump for dredging and maintenance of Ngqura harbor.
This port has been built recently on the eastern coast of South Africa, and it is gaining   relevance for the industrial zone of Coega.
For the first time ever, a fixed sand bypass has been planned in this harbor: this is a solution to prevent sand from accumulating due to the natural forces of the ocean in this coastal area, where currents are highly significant.
The sand is captured by the Dragflow pump in the western part of the coast and pumped to the other side of the harbor. This constant maintenance of the harbor allows its full functionality.
Dragflow provided a pump model HY300A, with up to 900m3/h capacity and up to 34 m head.
This project has been mentioned on the  local news media, where Dragflow has been described as a "world-renowned company for its ability to handle abrasive and corrosive sludges."