Coal mine tailings pond cleaning


Project description
The coal mine (RWE) requested a machine capable of dredging sediments from three ponds where all the storm water of the mine was collected, as well as the water coming from the mining machines.
The drainage pumps currently used were not able to remove the solid material from the bottom of the ponds, affecting the capacity of the ponds which was continuously decreasing.
The dredging system had to be remote controlled and capable of removing the settled fine sediment from the bottom.
Our solution
Dragflow supplied a remote controlled dredge equipped with a high head pump EL1204HH. Two electric cutters EXEL20 have been used in order to have an effective dredging of sediments, together with a jet ring that is capable of mixing the fine material through pressurized water jets.
The dredging system has an output of 150 cubic meters per hour at 200m distance, overtaking a 60m hill. The discharge is located on a conveying belt which takes the material to a specific area inside the mine.