Beach restoration: a historic beach come back to life


Project description:
Last February, a sudden and fierce storm hits the Italian region of Puglia. Impressive waves and strong winds caused considerable damage. In the historic center of the town of Monopoli, the iconic beach of Cala Porta Vecchia literally disappeared due to the storm. It was a loss with a huge symbolic value because the people of this town use to held weddings and ceremonies on that beach. This beach is an integral part of their lives and has always been a characteristic landscape for residents and tourists.
Our solution:
The institutions moved quickly to remedy the incident calling for bids. A quick and effective solution was selected to recover the beach destroyed by the storm: a Jet-ski unit equipped with a DRAGFLOW EL35 electric pump.
The work was carried out in just 6 nights (so as not to disturb the visitors) from a distance between 150 and 200 meters from the shore. In a short time, the beach was restored, with great satisfaction from the authorities, citizens and tourists.
The project does not end here: the beach will be monitored within the STIMARE Research Project - Innovative strategies for erosion risk monitoring and analysis.  We hope that this initiative can also be replicated in other coastal areas, where increasingly extreme climatic phenomena put the delicate balance between land and sea at risk.