Anti-corrosion dredge in a large power plant


Many industries require to empty lagoons and settling ponds periodically. The slurries that they remove are frequently highly aggressive and can cause a great deal of corrosion to any equipment not properly protected.
The Burullus power plant -the largest of its kind in Egypt: a combined-cycle generation plant of 4800 MW- had been looking to work in its water intake channels with a remote controlled dredge.
The solution
Dragflow have provided a dredge for this customer, in which all components in contact with the water or exposed to the weather, have been protected with C5M anti corrosion coating (the highest corrosion category in the ISO 12944 normative) and some critical components were made in Super Duplex steel for an extreme reliability, even in this kind of applications.
Thanks to these features, this Dragflow dredge has perfectly adapted to work in the highly corrosive environment of the channels, achieving the expected production capacity.
DRP series could pump fluids up to a concentration of 70% solids by weight, with a flow rate of up to 1000 m3/h and a delivery up to 1000 m distance from the point of dredging.
All our dredges could be integrated with several accessories, like GPS, security video camera and dredging monitoring system, to follow and record the history of the operations of the dredging pump.
Dragflow has developed a new series of austenitic stainless steel pumps (CK3MCuN), resistant up to pH 1.5: an important feature to work without worries in extreme environments!