Amphibious Dredges for Rio Magdalena Project

The customer needed a dredging machine able to move on the ground and to enter and exit independently in the river: a self-propelled machine floating in depth waters like a standard dredge but also capable to move in the shallow waters along the river touching the bottom.
Our solution
DRAGFLOW supplied two Amphibious Dredges (DRM85/160E23).
The two dredges, with 265 Kw Diesel Engine as source of power, have a hydraulic dredging pump model HY85/160B (complete with two Cutters EXHY35L) mounted at the end of the excavator arm. Each Pump has a capacity of 500 m3/h with 30-40% concentration of solids by volume.
These machines are equipped with floating tracked undercarriage, 130 kW hydraulic  stern thruster and four 8m long stabilizers spuds for fixing the dredge in the middle of the river current.
The design allows these Dredges to move on the ground like any standard excavator machine but also to float in deep waters with the stability of a standard Dragflow dredge, thanks to the buoyance provided by its central floater.